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Love Letter IV


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acrylic, household paint, woodstain and pencil on card and handmade frame of reclaimed wood from the platform of the former Folkestone Harbour train station
54 x 49 x 3 cm

The 'Love Letter' series explore the nature of the love letter and how their meaning and significance will inevitably grow and mutate over time.
As Nick Cave states in his lecture The Secret Life of the Love song:

“The peculiar magic of the love song is that it endures while the subject of the love song does not. It attaches itself to you and together you move through time but it does more than that.
For just as it is our task to move forward, to cast off the past, to change and to grow in order to forgive ourselves and each other the love song holds within it an eerie intelligence all of its own. To reinvent the past and dump it at the feet of the present.”

The wood used to create the handmade frames was formerly part of the old Folkestone Harbour train station, the scene of countless joyous greetings and tearful farewells, many real, some imaginary and mostly forgotten.

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Love Letter II
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Love Letter III
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