"Matt James Healy is a London born artist who lives and works in Folkestone.

In his Edgeland Vision series he explores liminal urban spaces, using household paint and wood stain on handmade panels of wood, foraged from industrial edgelands.

The artworks were a response to spending many days exploring the Lea Valley Park in London.

Over time, certain landmarks and their surroundings took on an almost religious significance...

Electricity pylons became the giants of Albion; the man-made chalk pits became lakes of fire; wires overlapping the sun and moon produced music of the spheres...

Until all of his surroundings in these London edgelands became interwoven with a personal mythology."

from a feature at the Unofficial Britain website

All works can be viewed at my Folkestone studio, open weekends and by appointment. Please use the contact page for any and all enquiries including forthcoming exhibitions.


Bournemouth Arts Institute, BA hons Fine Art 2006

Middlesex University, Foundation Art and Design 2001

Selected Exhibitions


Edgeland Visions, Brew Gallery 2019

Words of Revolt, Whelkboy Gallery 2018

Recent Works, Radnor Arms 2018


With Mark Millsted, Wayne Reeves Gallery 2020

Outsiders, Don’t Walk Gallery November 2019

Wildfire Gallery, Folkestone 2019

Wildfire Gallery, Norwich 2019

Wildfire Gallery, Brighton 2019

Ethel Loves Me, Rye 2018

Good Grief, Whelkboy Gallery 2018

Northampton Bienniel, Northampton Contemporary Arts 2018

Press On, Northampton Contemporary Arts 2018

Blackswan Open, Blackswan Arts 2017


Edgeland Visions Feature, Unofficial Britain 2020

Cover Artwork for Sadru Loops by Rob Shields 2019

Album Artwork for More Colour 2019

Press On, Pressmk.Club 2018

Art Technician and Assistant

‘A Map of how the World Works’ 2016

Artist: Brook Andrew

Pommery Champagne House, Reims France

‘Africa Captales – Lille 3000’ 2017

Curator: Simon Njami

Saint Sauveur, Lille France

‘Room A’ 2017

Artist: Brook Andrew

Musee d’ethnographie, Geneve Switzerland